mochachino sent: if you're still doing this: 1.) Cute and Sporty 2.) Genius Nerd Baby 3.) Sprayed her S.O in the face with a can of bug spray and aerosol 4.) Leeches just can't get enough of her 5.) Secretly Married to a condemned Criminal With A Heart of Gold

I fucking thought it was her at number 1 and i knew it at nuber 2 and then i screamed happily for the remaining three


i need to go draw billy and rebecca fan art now thanks for absolutely nothing mocha

girlmeetsgame sent: 1) tall 2) amazon 3) the queen 4) not beyonce 5) but close


so igot the hiccups halfway through because i was laughing at this post, and everything is gonna look a bit wonky.

speedy-elite sent: 1) Illegally attractive; 2) mysterious to the max; 3) But not really subtle; 4) Tall! ; 5) GREAT COOK

i maintain that science is slowly proving that hannibal significant lack of eyebrows is the key to him getting away with so many god damn cannibal jokes in a single breath

monobey sent: 1) HAS A GIANT OBVIOUS OBSESSION, 2) SERIOUSLY ONE OF HIS MAIN OUTFITS IS LIKE ~INSPIRED~ BY THIS OBSESSION AND HE HAS A CUSTOM MADE JET IN THE FORM OF THIS OBSESSION, 3) like, the biggest nerd baby in all of existence oh my god how does so much nerd fit into such a giant baby, 4) that fucking dork ass mullet, 5) why the fuck is he so tall hE'S LIKE 14 6) lissu's waifu

It’s taken me since the wee age of 9 to realize that seto kaiba does not have overgrown helmet hair, but in fact, sports a mullet.

monobey sent: 1) p much the BEST character ever, 2) joined a super criminal organization at lIKE 12, 3) understands TRUE ART, 4) hANDMOUTHS AMY HANDMOUTHS AND THE CHESTMOUTH PUTS MOUTHS EVERYWHERE THEY DO NOT BELONG THIS IS TRUE ART, 5) giant fuckin dork

bless you for participating bc i just fed the urge to draw naruto fan art in one fell swoop

girlmeetsgame sent: 1) babe; 2) got the booty; 3) sassy as frick; 4) don't want anything to do with boys and their cooties; 5) goddess

My brain first thought “Lazarus” but then it also went “Red Sonja.” Also “Beyonce.”

please don’t look at the anatomy




STEP 1. 

Think of a character.

STEP 2. 

Inbox me on anon or not 5 facts or clues about this person.

STEP 3. 

Watch me suffer and try to guess this character.

null-physical did this meme earlier and it looked hella fun.

I’ll draw the ones I get! Don’t know how many I’ll get this early in the day but I need a warm up before I comic. 

Hint away!

I’ll draw mine as well!! I saw null do this and it was suuuuper fun.

Here’s my askbox!

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